5 Point Harness GOLD


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  • 5-Point harness with NASCAR latch style buckle
  • NASCAR latch - popular in environments where dirt ingress can be an issue
  • 3" Strap Width on shoulder and waist straps
  • 2" Strap width on crutch strap for comfort
  • Crutch strap prevents the risk of 'submarining' *
  • Steel adjusters
  • Shoulder straps can be shortened for attachment behind the driver or can be extended to 2m
  • SFI Certified
  • STR Brand
  • Designed to meet strict quality control standards
  • Manufactured by an FIA & SFI approved manufacturer


  • Can be attached by looping around the roll cage or by securing to eyelets on the chassis or roll cage
  • Snap hook connections allow for quick installation and removal of harness
  • Please consult FIA/SFI guidelines for installation of the harness