Injection Fuel Pump

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  • Working Pressure Output: 3 BAR.
  • Flow Rate: 130 Litres/Hour.
  • Power: +12V DC (Negative Earth).
  • Electric Current (A) ≤5.5
  • Max Pressure 7 BAR


  • Universal Pump – can be used with almost any application involving fuel injection.
  • Ideal for use with high power engines, for road or motorsport use.
  • Can be used with all fuels (Leaded/Unleaded/Diesel/Racing Fuels/Fuel Additives/Bio Fuel etc).
  • Acts as a direct replacement pump for almost every fuel injection vehicle.


  • OEM Part Number 0580464070
  • Inlet Size: 12mm.
  • Outlet Size: 8mm.
  • Weight: 780g.
  • Constructed using high quality components to ensure excellent reliability.
  • Can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle (for best performance, mount near to tank and below the minimum fuel level).


  • Electrical contacts.
  • Rubber cover.
  • 2x brass washers.


  • Reliable pump from Flutra, the fluid transfer specialists.
  • Fully safety tested under strict quality control procedures.
  • Long Life Pump made with quality components