RACEceiver Fusion Plus Driver Race Receiver | FD1600+

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The RACEceiver Fusion+ for Drivers is becoming mandatory at many oval tracks across the UK and is already compulsory in multiple formulas. This small and discrete communication device is revolutionising the industry in terms of making the sport safer for both the race driver and officials by allowing officials to communicate with all drivers at the same time to warn of incidents and debris on the track. 
Key Features
· Compact size
· Narrow band radio compatible - One way communication device
· 1600 UHF Frequencies between 450-470mhz
· Programable home default channel
· Button lock feature to prevent channel changing or volume mid race
· Includes holster clip, AAA battery and instructions
Currently used in the following formula's: 
· National and Classic Hot Rods
· National Ministox,
· Grand Prix Midgets
· Ninja Karts (at certain tracks)
· 2.0 Hot Rods
· Incarods
· Micro F2 Stock Cars
· Slick Cars
· Stock Rods