2 to 3” Harness Lever Latch


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Racequip 2 to 3” harness

*ideal for Simpson hybrid or HANS device 

RACEQUIP 5-Point HANS/HNR Latch & Link Harness Set 

Available in Black, Red, and Blue 

Approved for all Oval Racing Formulas 

All harness systems are constructed using drop-forged steel hardware for ultimate strength and reduced weight. 

All hardware is cadmium plated for added protection. 3" premium polyester webbing is used and all belts are box-x pattern sewn to ensure uniform stitch length and strength. Belts and hardware ends are routinely tested to verify compliance with SFI 16.1 standards. 

This harness set has narrow shoulder belts to better fit a head & neck restraint (HNR) like a HANS device. 

• Exceeds SFI 16.1 Rating (SFI Tags Affixed) 
• Premium 3" Polyester Webbing 
• Twin Individual Shoulder Belts 
• 2" Shoulder Accomodates HNR / HANS Device 
• Pull Down Style Lap Belt 
• 5 Point Design - Single 2" Crotch Sub Strap 
• 3" Hardware Ends Installed 
• Double Adjustable for Ease of Installation 
• Wrap Around or Bolt-in Mounting 
• Drop-Forged Steel Hardware (no bolts) 
• Shoulders Adjust from 20" to 62" 
• Lap Belt Adjusts 20" to 60" 

• Can Be Re-webbed (SFI) Upon Expiration